VeChain Partners 5th edition Connection Chart by ArtistVeChain.
VeChain Business Connections Partnerships 12/2020 DYOR @ArtistVechain

Deep Dive into VeChain Partners

We will be taking a deep dive into VeChain Partners and connections from “5th edition VeChain Connection Chart” by @ArtistVechain. In future articles we hope to provide you with information including, but not limited to, each companies unique relationship with VeChain, how they use VeChainThor Blockchain, their impressions so far, benefits realized, outlook for the future of their relationship with VeChain, room for improvement. 

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Featured customers of VeChain ToolChain™

PwC (Accounting), Bayer (Chemicals), Walmart (Retail), DNV (Public Safety), as of 6/19/2021.

VeChain Partners Featured customers of ToolChain


VeChain Partners/Connections


One of the world’s largest risk management and quality assurance companies. DNV’s Approval of Manufacturers (AoM) confirms that a company has been found in compliance with international standards, regulations and DNV standards. 

My Story

My Care

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

One of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, EY, and KPMG and is among the largest professional services firm in the world. 

Walmart China

Walmart, the largest physical retailer, is ranked number 8 in the Gartner 2021 Top 25 Supply Chain Companies; up from #11 in 2020 and #14 in 2019 (the year they established the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform). After only one year of implementing the traceability platform, Walmart China rolled out Safe Food Traceability to Sam’s Club, Walmarts sister company. This speaks volumes coming from such a large, efficient company. With over 11,000 stores and 75 million products, what else could be in the works?

Walmart is also planning to achieve zero emissions across the business’ global operations by 2040 without carbon offsets. Will we see Walmart as a partner with VeChain’s Digital Carbon Platform?

Sam’s Club

VeChain announced Sam’s Club China, owned by Walmart China, will be rolling out Sam’s Club Blockchain Safe Food Traceability Platform. Using VeChain’s technology combined with cold-chain IoT and a variety of traditional software and hardware sensors, all stakeholders in the supply chain process are able to upload key logistics and manufacturing data immutably onto the VeChainThor public blockchain.

Bayer AG

“Bayer selected VeChain as tech provider for CSecure, the new blockchain-powered solution that will allow it to track clinical drugs along the entire supply chain.”

Norway in a Box

Norway In a Box has moved beyond the innovation lab with blockchain. They were among the first to use blockchain in real-world supply chain of seafood and were the first to export norwegian seafood using blockchain technology to secure traceability, documentation, temperature and transparency. Their NiBchain™ system was implemented in the Norway in a Box ecosystem, early 2019 and have boosted our ability to gain trust and establish a unique way of communicating with our customers.

Michigan State University

VeChain welcomes Michigan State University as the first VeResearch partner for EdgeChain. Michigan State, the #1 supply chain management university in the United States, has produced intensive research and documentation on its continued development of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) integration into VeChainThor.


COS launched a traceability pilot with blockchain company VeChain to trace and share the production journey of a recycled wool sweater. Customers were able to scan a QR code for traceability information.


In November 2018, Bright Code, a localized version of My Story™ alongside Bright Foods, was introduced at CIIE. Bright Code utilizes the technology provided by VeChain to build a consumer confidence index. BrightCode is the Second Largest China-based food manufacturing company.


Seeing the disconnect between all of the benefits high-quality seafood offers and the general mistrust consumers felt towards cooking and eating it, Knowseafood created a better way to buy seafood. Using “Vechain” our blockchain provider, and our StoryBird Technology we keep you up-to-date on our transparent process from before you even order your seafood to when you open your box.


FoodGates is the world’s first intercontinental food solution built fully powered by a public blockchain with verified and certified information of the full lifecycle of products being tracked. The platform can provide granular insights such as cow selection, slaughtering processes, packaging and cross-continental shipping, all the way to restaurants and customers.


Powered by VeChain ToolChain™, the StoryBird application collects and uploads authentic product information onto the VeChainThor Blockchain, which enables all stakeholders in the trade, including the farmers, processors, added-value parties, e-commerce platforms, buyers and end consumers to validate product origin and trace logistics of delivery.

As of 6/19/2021 there are 442 organizations on their Producers Market. These producers range from locations such as Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Greece, United States, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, India, Jamaica, Cyprus, El Salvador, and many others. Products range from Hot Sauce, Olive Oil, Wine, Whole Coffee Beans, Ginger, Pasta, Honey, Dried Fruit & Nuts, Mushrooms, Chocolate, Essential Oils, Textiles, and many others.

Latitude 28° (L28)

L28 Blockchain takes supply chain transparency to a whole new level, merging the digital and the physical, phygital, world and recording a products journey from paddock to plate.

Developed on the one-stop VeChain BaaS platform, and coupled with verification service provided by DNV, a world-leading certification body, the Solution ensures that L28 products are manufactured in accordance with the high standards set by the producer, thus optimizing supply-chain management and guaranteeing product quality.

Yunnan Pu’er Tea

Heeding the call of the Chinese Central Government on product traceability, Mengku Rongshi and Linova chose to collaborate with VeChain and its channel partner Yunlian to co-develop the Yunnan Pu’er Tea Traceability Platform based on the BaaS platform VeChain ToolChain to tackle this long-existing and multi-billion dollar problem.

Anhui Tea Industry Association

With VeChain’s technology, tea producers and stakeholders stand to gain from the increased efficiency and productivity delivered in all stages of production, both in the supply chain as well in traceability efforts, strengthening the domestic and international presence of the Chinese tea industry.

Meijiada Fresh Foods

On June 2nd, 2020, Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Co. Ltd. announced the adoption of VeChain ToolChain™ technology to power their Food Traceability Platform, starting from the premium pork products by their wholly-owned subsidiary Meijiada Fresh Foods.

Meijiada Fresh Foods is a chain of stores based in Shenzhen which specializes in the fresh meat and vegetable market. With a population of more than 12.53 million and a GDP per capita of more than $29,217, Shenzhen is widely regarded as the most advanced technological hub of China, and one of the frontline


National Research Consulting Center (NRCC)

Yida China Holdings Limited

China National Level partnership

Direct Imported Goods (D.I.G)

China Unicom

Kuehne & Nagel

DB Schenker

BMW Group


Groupe Renault



Viking Line

Health Evolution

Alibaba Group

ITC Hotels

Avery Dennison


Princes Group




Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co. LTD

NTT Docomo

People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC)




SBTG Surplus & Co

ENN Energy Holdings Limited

Republic of Cyprus National Level partnership


Baijie Teng IoT Technology Corporation

BIOS Middle East

Reebonz Holding Limited

Fashion for Good


ASI Group

Cointelegraph Consulting

Shanghai Gas


Sarah Regensburger









ReSea Project

… and many more