VeChain will attend the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) again in 2021, July 8-10. The video below is VeChain CEO, Sunny Lu’s presentation at last years virtual event.

Also in attendance, representatives from DNV and I believe from the picture below; Elon Musk.

Sunny Lu stated a month ago, “”If we had a chance to talk to Tesla, I will make sure we could nail the collaboration sharing the same vision. BTW, if I remember correctly, Tesla is also a customer of DNV.””

VeChain Attends the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020

Organized by the Shanghai Mnicipal People’s Government, the annual conference’s mission is to provide a global platform for current and future AI innovation startups and corporations to exchange ideas and resources in pursuit of humankind’s greatest technological achievements.

On July 10, 2020 VeChain attended the first blockchain technology session in this conference, with the session titled “blockchainize the future, power the economy”. Sunny Lu, co-founder and CEO at VeChain, shared their experience in the blockchain deployment, integration and usage for various business scenarios and current successful users. He also highlighted the great importance of standardized blockchain service, which is the reason to develop and iterate VeChain ToolChain™.

VeChain x DNV x Elon Musk WAIC 2021

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