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Bayer VeChain CSecure; tracking clinical drugs along the entire supply chain.

Bayer announced at the end of May 2020 they were working on a blockchain platform to trace the delivery of drugs, it wasn’t until 2021 it was announced they had chosen VeChain. With that in mind, always remember enterprise implementation doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. Patience is a virtue. What is a virtue? Something good to have. Bayer VeChain CSecure.

Bayer VeChain CSecure, featured in “Applying Blockchain in the Modern Supply Chain Management: Its Implication on Open Innovation” Published 2 March 2021.

Bayer VeChain CSecure

From the way this is worded, third sentence from the above image, “The pharmaceutical giant selected the company VeChain, a branch of Bayer,…” it is stating VeChain is a branch of Bayer?

“Bayer selected VeChain as tech provider for CSecure, the new blockchain-powered solution that will allow it to track clinical drugs along the entire supply chain.” 

End to end supply chain traceability powered by blockchain technology. That’s a wow factor. Is this across the entire supply chain for all of their drugs? Maybe the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, will implement a similar blockchain solution to enhance their visibility for the public. 

Bayer AG is a German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

Even if this is a typo and VeChain isn’t a branch of Bayer, “CSecure is based on VeChain ToolChain. Further information about CSecure cannot unfortunately be disclosed, as VeChain is bound by a non-disclosure agreement.”

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