One of the Big Four auditors worldwide. IBM, Ford, Dell, Cisco and 3M are some of its largest clients, with PwC providing its auditing services to 400+ out of the Fortune 500 companies.

According to Raymund Chao who is the Chairman of PwC Greater China, “Embracing advanced technology for growth becomes the top priority for many business sectors. Innovative applications and solutions could improve the effectiveness of supply chain, brand reputation, and even customer experience.

He also mentioned that the two entities “are excited about the joint initiative between PwC and VeChain and the services we provide that could help our clients achieve greater success. I envisage our services will create an impact and deliver on our firm’s purpose of building trust in society and solve important problems”.

PwC ‘Blockchain: The Game Changer for Supply Chains’

publication of May 2021.

Read the white paper here:

Airtrace, which is based on VeChain is covered in latest publication.