VeChain welcomes Michigan State University as the first VeResearch partner for EdgeChain. Michigan State, the #1 supply chain management university in the United States, has produced intensive research and documentation on its continued development of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) integration into VeChainThor. The results of this research have led to a major technological breakthrough, EdgeChain. VeResearch Michigan State EdgeChain.

“EdgeChain is being built on the VeChainThor enterprise blockchain platform. All EdgeChain services and functions will be available to any VeChain application that needs MEC interoperability, essentially creating a MEC extension library on the VeChain platform. EdgeChain is both the algorithm for deciding how to place data with different vendors and also the public ledger that provides the trusted recordset of all transactions. All aspects of EdgeChain are transparent easily auditable by anyone.”

VeResearch Michigan State EdgeChain VeChain.
A MEC scenario in a certain service area. There are 2 ME base stations from 2 different SPs: SP-A and SP-B. They serve their own users within the service area. For resource sharing and optimization purposes, the base stations are also connected to each other.


“In this paper, we have presented the architecture and thealgorithms for mobile edge applications placement for multi-ple mobile edge computing service providers, leveraging theblockchain-based system called EdgeChain. Future work will be considering multiple service chains initiated by multipleusers, to achieve lower overall costs for the entire system.”

Citation: Drew, Steve & Huang, Changcheng & Zhou, Jiayu. (2018). EdgeChain: Blockchain-based Multi-vendor Mobile Edge Application Placement. 222-226. 10.1109/NETSOFT.2018.8460035.

VeResearch Michigan State EdgeChain Authors:

  • Steve Drew Doctor of Philosophy, Carleton University, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Changcheng Huang, PhD, Carleton University, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Jiayu Zhou, PhD, Michigan State University | MSU ยท Department of Computer Science and Engineering