Use a Cold Wallet to store your VeChain Crypto currency VET coin VTHO token Keevo Wallet best cold wallet

Vote for #VeChain $VET to be included on the @keevowallet

Would you like to see VeChain VET/VTHO supported on the Keevo Wallet?

I’ve reached out to the team at Keevo to see about the inclusion of VeChain VET coin and VTHO token to their next generation crypto wallet and they’ve said they’ve added it to their list. They also said I could share this voting form incase anyone else wanted to show their desire to have VeChain on an additional wallet.

About Keevo

Keevo is a next generation crypto wallet with multi-factor / multi-sig authentication that provides state-of-the art security and simplicity with seedless recovery and trustless inheritance.

Keevo Cold Wallet VeChain VET VTHO voting, vote for KEEVO best cold wallet for cryptocurrency altcoins

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"I'm Not Like Other Altcoins"

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